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The Kitchen = The Heart of your Home

Co-founder and president Nanon’s favourite room in the house is the kitchen, hands down. We asked her why, and to share some tips and tricks, and here is what she said:

I love the kitchen it's the heart of the house. Food brings people together. The kitchen is the area in your house that most likely gets the most traffic. Ever notice the best parties are kitchen parties?

A Maison kitchen.

There are so many things to consider when designing a kitchen: lighting, counters, cabinets, storage etc. But before you spend a penny, I suggest you think about how you and others in your home use the kitchen.

Are you a morning person? Do you make yourself a big breakfast and need a juicer? Or do you roll out of bed and head to the coffee machine in the dark? How many pots and pans do you have? Space and lighting are key considerations

If you were a chef in your previous life, like I think I was, you will need room for a lot or utensils and maybe two dishwashers. I love to bake especially chocolate chip cookies. After baking, for me there is nothing more relaxing then a good cup of tea in a elegant teacup or a cosy mug. Ian, our fabulous cabinet maker, made me a special tea drawer. When you open the drawer there are 28 little compartments to set out my favourite tea bags. No digging around and I always know when to replenish my stash. Likewise, storage for spices can be custom made.

I recommend two sinks or two ovens if you have the space.You will get the use out of them and will later wonder how you and your family ever functioned without them.

Recycling is going to become a bigger concern for us all. Don't underestimate the amount of space you need for trash: compost, glass, paper and plastics.

I dislike clutter. I like to design everything to have its place. Sliding drawers are great to roll away blenders and mix masters. Coming home to clear countertops creates a calming environment. You can pour that cup of tea right away, instead of feeling a need to clean up.

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