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We are different

We are different……

With the recent launch of our social media platforms and new website (hooray!!) we have been getting the following feedback…….Wow, I love your work……can you help design my new _______ (insert room), would you build my new house? Which is so, so, so flattering. We are so excited that you like our Maison homes!

We do things differently

We don’t build custom homes for a specific client. Maison designs and builds homes for people who want a new, stylish, energy efficient, functional home but don’t have the background, the time or frankly the stress tolerance to go through the construction process themselves with a builder. Seriously isn’t life complicated enough? Who wants to make the 10,000+ decisions that need to be made. Our concept: we design – we build – you buy – you decorate and make it your own.

The concept of a builder/developer building homes and then speculating someone will buy it is not new. What is different is how we do it at Maison. We only buy land in sought after, well established and vetted locations. We don’t buy the least expensive land we can find, we buy the best locations. Secondly, we build with quality trades, quality materials, creativity, and style. We don’t cut corners. Our broad experience and practicality is translated into every home. The simplicity of functionality and timelessness, isn’t that a beautiful thing!

Stay tuned for my next blog on timelessness and how the capsule wardrobe relates to the home!


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