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Feeling Rough? Rough-in can be that way.

"Feeling Rough? Rough-in can be that way. Ruff Ruff it’s for the dogs ;)

Is the title a bit much? I’m sorry, it’s been a rough day……

There are various stages of building one of which is known as “rough-in”. Rough-in stage comes after all the interior framing has been done. The “wood sticks”, as my daughter calls them are up and you can see the layout/the rooms taking shape. I have always said that it is my favorite stage, but what I really meant to say was that its my favorite stage…..ONLY when it’s over. The rough-in stage is so important because its your chance to make changes before it becomes a big headache to do so.

We just finished slugging rough-in on our Mowat project and it’s was...rough ;). Let me explain.

This is the stage when all the electrical wiring, plumbing and mechanical venting is installed – all that stuff that goes inside a wall that you can’t see, but is so important. You would think that this would be easy, after all there are lots of walls in a house in which to put this stuff. However, there are a several constraints. Here are a few examples: plumbing pipes need “grade” – they need to slope down and have adequate room to do so. Stoves, fans and hot water tanks all need to be vented to outside air. Specifically not near an opening door or window and at a certain height above the ground to comply with the building code. Then we find ways to conceal the pipes nicely on the inside of the house as they make their way to be vented outside. While we a love our open concept homes with fewer walls, where do all these switches, outlets and mechanical components to? When it is all lumped together we have a large pot of needs and requirements making for a complex matrix of problem solving. Mental puzzles - they say these are good for us and keep us young and sharp. I’m counting on that!

Today we hit a home run on site when the stove hood fan vent was placed perfectly and we traced a path to the outside via the roof, no ceiling drops, no jogs…’s going to look clean and beautiful. It’s a true team effort involving framers, plumbers, sheet metal contractors, the finishing carpenters, electricians, gas fitters and me. The trades are awesome, they present different options for me and I pick the best. Occasionally I have a winning suggestion but the truth is I’m surrounded by super competent people that make my job easy. Its a challenge and a beautiful thing all at the same time. I’m always learning things in this life of mine and lately I’ve been getting one message over and over. It’s about your team. It’s about the people in the end.

So hey “rough-in” my team is so done with you. We won!! Until next time...


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