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Classic, what is that anyways? Wikipedia says:




judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.


remarkably and instructively typical.



a work of art of recognized and established value.


a school subject that involves the study of ancient Greek and Latin literature, philosophy, and history.

Lets add that Classic never goes out of style. We see it everyday. Sometimes we don't notice it. It is both iconic and common, but done well it is unique.

However, for me it is a gut feeling which makes it difficult to do it justice when trying to put it into words. So the explanation of classic in the context of home building is not easy to for me. Full disclosure, this could be messy. Unlike Nanon, I’m not a multilingual English major. The french just have a way with words when it comes to things of style and beauty.

Classics to me are all things in our world that are both beautiful and functional. The beauty can be innate to the materials itself or the form. It is visually striking, useful, and the beauty is lasting. This isn’t by accident. You will find most classic things are made from natural material that age gracefully in a way that adds character and depth. Some examples across the board include beautifully styled collector cars, marble countertops, oxidized copper sculptures, gold/silver cuff links, black pumps, subway tile, brass chandeliers, wood dining room tables, denim, wood floors, white blouses, bronze handles, pearl earrings, turkey dinner…...whoa where did that come from (see above comment about messy). I’m channelling my inner Ralph Lauren here….can you feel it, getting the vibe?

When crafting our Maison homes we purposefully select quality materials to create a classic functional framework. Our houses have good bones. That makes it easy for the house to evolve with you. Change your art, your window treatment and furniture and you can transform the style of your home. The timeless classic style is the backbone of why it works long term and has an extended shelf life. And I like to think it only gets better with time as you share those most important classic moments of life within those walls!


- M

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