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First Impressions

First Impressions

Remember the old saying “you never get a second chance to make a great first impression”? This may be true for blind dates and job interviews, but when it comes to your home there are plenty of opportunities to make a great initial impact. The front door is your first chance to set the tone of your home for guests and admirers. At Maison, we make sure that every corner of the home, including the first glance, is carefully considered and beautiful. With a few simple updates, you too can transform your front doorstep into an exciting preview of your home inside. Whether you are designing your dream home, updating your starter house, or preparing to sell, here are a few ways to create a front entryway that will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Invest in Beautiful Hardware

Great hardware is like an amazing piece of jewellery; a beautiful door handle can elevate even the most basic of doorways. Consider investing in classic updates to your hardware for an instant facelift. For example, you can also add old world whimsy with a unique door knocker or mailbox. We also love a traditional kick-plate for a subtle, elegant effect. Melanie is a huge fan of hardware and she considers this an important piece of your home’s design. She recommends Victoria Specialty Hardware, close to downtown Victoria, for their variety of quality products. Though there are many affordable options on the market, we recommend investing in substantial pieces that will stand the test of time. Think of it as the piece de resistance for your doorway!

Refresh your Front Door

Using paint is a relatively easy and affordable way to instantly transform the front of your home. You may gravitate towards organic colours for an under-stated charm, or take the opportunity to add a statement colour that will leave a strong impression. Consider choosing a colour scheme that will create consistency with your home’s overall aesthetic. Remember to always test your colour first as it will change with the natural light throughout the day. The experts at Farrow and Ball suggest that painting the door and frame in the same colour will enhance the space and make the grandest impression. Farrow & Ball and Benjamin Moore both have a wide selection of high-quality exterior paints in a rainbow of colours and finishes.

Plants and Planters

Even if your home doesn’t boast an impressive garden, you can use carefully placed pots and plants to enhance your entryway. Symmetrical planters on either side of the door create an traditional feel whereas a container garden adds an a casual charm. The Rootcellar has a beautiful, seasonal garden centre that will certainly inspire you to start planting (and cooking!). Demitasse is a hidden gem that also has an abundance of plants and knowledge to help you get started. Evergreens such as boxwood and juniper are great choices for the Victoria climate and can be mixed with colourful perennials according to the season.

Elevate your Lighting

Lighting is an impactful way to create an inviting ambiance for your home. Traditional lanterns can add a sophisticated glow, while modern LED fixtures can instantly modernize the space. Keep in mind that your choice of lighting should compliment the overall design and style of your home. McLaren’s Lighting has an incredible variety of exterior lighting fixtures to compliment any style of home.

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