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The Art of Bath

The trends in master bathrooms have drastically changed in the past 15 years. The design plans have become more spacious, and now they have a private-spa-like feel. When designing a new master bathroom there are many things to consider. It is the most important room for resale. Square footage is always limited and therefore your bathroom design must have an efficient and functional layout.

There are so many fixtures to consider: bath, shower, vanity, toilets, linen closet, medicine cabinets and many more. Fitting all of these fixtures in one room can be a challenge. Design tip: Plan out your biggest fixtures first and fill in the gaps with linen closets, laundry baskets, and towel racks.

The colours on the walls are very important. Pale colours suffuse the room with calmness whereas bright colours will have a tendency to stimulate and energize.

Showers have many options these days. Do you want glass doors enclosing your shower space? Or do you prefer to have a open shower plan that allows you skip the glass doors? If this is the case, make sure you build an extended water resistant area and have good drainage to avoid puddling after your shower.

If space permits, plan your layout to make your beautiful bathtub your focal point. This will give your bathroom that true feeling of relaxation, like you get when you walk into a spa.

Sink vanities are another very important consideration. There are many ready-made options, but my favourites always come from the custom built vanities. Two sinks and lots of counter space makes for harmony in the bathroom for you and your significant other.

Your choices of tile and stone will give your bathroom personality. Do you like the clean fresh look of white marble? Or the rustic feel created with grey slate tile? This is really where you get to let your preferences and unique identity come through. Remember the tile on your floor does not have to match the tile in your shower.

At Masion Homes we want your bathroom to be a sanctuary.

So when you get home from a tired day, we want you to pour yourself into the Salle de Bains.

Watch the troubles of your day go right down the drain.

Try this little Maison recipe to soothe and relax your muscles and mind:

A good detox and relaxation bath:

10 drops of lavender oil

1/2 cup epson salt

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