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Is Wallpaper making a another big comeback?

It seems for a number of years wallpaper was a big no-no. But it appears to be gaining momentum again. The new lavish prints, textures and colours definitely catch your eye. It has become easier to install and much easier to remove.

The nice thing about it is that it is a relatively easy way to transform a room for very little cost. So even if your creative gamble doesn't pay off, minimal harm


Your home can be like your canvass. You can stylize and personalize a room within a few hours. Think of a child’s room. It would not take much to turn a small white walled room into a jungle or outer space or a english country garden. Want to get even more trendy? How about something strong in colour and pattern for your dining room?

Even one papered wall can set the mood in a room or the whole house. It is a strong decorative tool.

Wall paper may be a good choice for a room you don't have the perfect artwork for. Considering the low cost of wallpaper, you can use it to update the look of your home whenever you have the urge.

One of the groups driving the wall covering renewal is the Millennials who grew up in plain painted homes and now want some pizazz on their walls. Everything old is new again as they say, but not quite. The new wallpapers are quite different from the old school version. Today’s prints are oversized and colours are richer. The digital printing is cheaper and some are even three-dimensional.

It is now easier than ever. There is stick and peel paper and the new papers are less or no residue upon removal. Sherwin-Williams this year released a new catalogue of over 100,000 choices. Well, so much for wallpaper being an easier option.

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