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Siding is sexier than you think ;)

You might think siding is, well, just plain boring. But it is actually a really big deal. Siding is equally as important for the basic shelter aspect of the structure, as for the architecture of it. While the variety of products in the construction field continues to expand, the same goes for the availability of siding options.

The main job of siding is to protect you from the weather; hot or cold, wet or dry and wind. You will want a type that is functional for your region. From an architectural point of view, in addition to your front door and windows, nothing else defines the style of your house more than siding. It can make your home look traditional or contemporary, urban or country, European or Asian, cheap or decadent. The colour, texture and design of the siding are important points to consider. Siding also gives definition to doors, windows, fences, gates, trellises, balconies, and patios. Combining a number of siding types is an option. This adds interest and emphasizes certain parts of the home. For siding, as with many other aspects of contemporary construction, there are more choices than ever. Trying to sort it all out by yourself can be mind boggling.

Lets look at the pros and cons of some of the most popular types of siding:

Wood siding ( shingles and shakes) works well on the simplest of cottages to the most elaborate craftsman homes. Wood siding can be painted or stained, but it will need some maintenance as it ages. While shingles are more uniform than shakes, they are thinner. Maison Homes has sourced a great local company that produces the finest of shingles.

Vinyl siding is a low cost option. It is versatile, durable and comes in a large variety of colours. The plastic look of vinyl siding does not make it a favourite choice of Maison Homes.

Brick siding has a very strong and beautiful appearance and clearly sets the style of the home. Bricks will last the lifetime of the house. Most homes now are constructed with brick veneers rather than being built from bricks. Water can penetrate brick veneers so a membrane needs to be applied between the veneers and the house.

Fiber-cement siding can have the look of wood, stone, brick or stucco. It is another lower cost option to wood but more expensive than some other choices . There can be issues with moisture with some brands. It’s lifespan is 20–50 years. At Maison Homes, we use the gold standard of fiber-cement siding on many of our projects. This is a gorgeous looking product. It is difficult to disguise it from real wood siding. It is fire and insect resistant and can be painted but there so many nice looking stock colours, there is usually no reason to change the shade.

Stucco siding is another common exterior treatment used alone or in combination with other sidings. If properly applied it will last the life of the house. It can crack, but it is repairable. It can be painted if you need to cover up repairs or to freshen up the look of the home.

Natural stone and natural stone veneer add a very beautiful finish to a home, but it is more costly than other sidings. Nothing can compare to the curb appeal of the texture and look of natural stone. Of course, it is forever lasting.

Synthetic stone veneer are lighter and a much less expensive option to real stone. This product is easier to work with than stone, but poor installation can happen. There will be more maintenance than with natural stone. There is wide variety in the available product - some looks pretty comparable to the real thing, some not so much.

Metal panels add a modern or retro touch to a project. Metal siding is made from different types of metals, comes in different textures and colours.


Lastly, but not least is the installation. At Maison Homes, we entrust the installation of siding to only experienced installers. We engage the services of the most knowledgable contractors to ensure the right selection of product for our climate in Oak Bay, Victoria.

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