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The Hype about Hygge

If you follow interior design trends or like to peruse your local book store, you have likely noticed the growing buzz around hygge (pronounced hue-guh). More and more design magazines and books seem to

be popping up, touting the benefits of incorporating this Danish philosophy into our own homes. We looked into the principles of hygge to find out how this much-hyped style can work in our West Coast homes.

Although hygge is often discussed in the context of interior design, it is not, in fact, a specific style or aesthetic. Instead, hygge is about a way of life. There is no direct translation in English, but the word most closely relates to a sense of cosiness, slowness, and contentedness in the moment. The Danes developed the idea of hygge to help enjoy, not just survive, the long dark winter months. Though we experience much milder temperatures in Victoria, the long grey fall and winter months can also take a toll on our spirits. Maybe incorporating a few signature elements of hygge can help us beat the winter blues?

To help promote a feeling of hygge, there are a few simple elements that the Danes encourage. Perhaps the most common feature in a hygge home is an abundance of candles. To amp up the cosiness, try reading, eating or relaxing by candlelight. Other common items include cozy wool socks, soft throw blankets, and luxurious bedding. Simply put, anything that helps you to relax while feeling warm and content.

You can also promote a sense of hygge by creating special spaces and routines in your home. Try placing your favourite chair in a sunny corner to enjoy your morning coffee. Or maybe you make sure that there are always fresh flowers on your dining table while you share a meal with friends. So long as your are creating special rituals that bring you a sense of wellbeing, you are successfully incorporating hygge into your life. At Maison, we think that with our obsession with tea, fresh flowers and beautiful scented candles we are well on our way to a hygge-filled space. But we can always use another excuse to bring out the cozy fall decor, order an extra bouquet of flowers, and whip up an amazing meal to share with the team!

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